8 Unique Uses for Different Household Products ...

You readers asked for more posts about finding unique uses for household products and I've got 'em! Have you ever thought about using a spice rack for your nail polish bottles or using an olive oil bottle for dish soap? These are just a few of the unique uses for household products that I've adopted for my house! Amazing, right?

1. Parmesan Cheese Shaker Lids

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I absolutely love Parmesan cheese, but I was always left with those containers all over after I was done using up the cheese. What can you do with those containers? Well, there are actually a ton of different and unique uses for household products like this one. For example, did you know that the Parmesan cheese shaker lids fit perfectly on mason jars? Stylish and cool! You could also use these bottles to spread seeds around your garden or to hold snacks (such as goldfish!) that you want to take with you when you want to make sure they don't get stale!

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