7 Unique Reasons to Write a Handwritten Letter ...

There are many reasons to write a handwritten letter, however nearly nobody writes them anymore. When was the last time you wrote a handwritten letter? Can you even remember? I don’t think I can! Let’s change that! I can almost guarantee that you’ll find a few reasons to write a handwritten letter after reading this list, and by the time you’re done reading this, you’ll have a list of people to send letters to!

1. Long Distance Relationships

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It’s easy to communicate when you’re in a long distance relationship in 2014, and that’s largely in part due to social media. However, go back to a simpler time and write your long distance love a nice, handwritten letter. It’s so rare that they will never expect it! It's one of the loveliest reasons to write a handwritten letter, so take a little time to write a love note to your long distance love today!

2. Long Distance Friends

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Just like a long distance relationship, long distance friendships have been made infinitely better and easier with the help of social media, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t revert back to the days of pen pals! Even if you don’t have anything to say because you say it all via text, a nice letter to let your long distance friend know that you’re thinking about them is always a nice surprise!

3. Etsy

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There are some talented people on Etsy who make the most gorgeous stationery. You’ll find yourself wanting to buy all of it, and then you’ll want to write handwritten letters to everyone you know. Why does it have to be so adorable?

4. Thank You Notes

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Thank you notes are slowly creeping their way out of practice, but they shouldn’t be! The next time you receive a gift, don’t put off writing the thank you note! Let the gift-giver know how much their gift meant to you! It’s such a nice gesture in a world that is slowly losing something that was once a common courtesy.

5. Old Friends

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You’ve probably lost touch with a few of your friends over the years. You’re probably fine that that’s the case with a few of them, but you also probably miss most of them. Send your old friends handwritten letters and tell them that. Maybe try to make plans or just talk about old times. Somehow it seems easier to write an old friend a handwritten letter rather than to reach out to them via social media!

6. Old-Fashioned Love Letter

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Whether your relationship is long distance or you live together, you can always send a love letter! It’s a simple yet romantic way to tell someone how you feel about him or her. This is especially true if you live together, because no one is exactly expecting a love letter from someone you already live with! Like I said, it’s simple but nice, and most definitely a great surprise.

7. Children

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I’m not sure what it is, but kids love mail. Send some mail to the children in your life, whether it’s your nieces and nephews or your best friend’s kids. It will undoubtedly make their day, if not their week, to get something in the mail! If you have kids of your own, it might be especially fun to get them sending mail to their own friends! They’d have a blast sending and receiving letters from their best friends!

There’s something so classic about handwritten letters that we seem to have forgotten. Do you still write handwritten letters? If so, why? If not, will you start? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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