7 Unfailing Ways to Make New Friends Wherever You Go ...


If you find that meeting people and connecting with them is really difficult, it's time to learn a few ways to make new friends that won't end in disaster. When meeting people, communication is pretty much everything. You can't connect with people when you don't communicate with them or you don't pick up on their ways of communication. Keep reading to get tips on meeting people and ways to make new friends.

1. Introduce Yourself

One of the most essential ways to make new friends is to introduce yourself or have someone else introduce you. How will you make new friends if you don't take the time out to meet people? It's important to approach those friendly faces, say 'Hello,' tell them who you are, then strike up a conversation. After that, then a friendship can develop, but the first step is the introduction. Depending on where you are and whom you're with, your introduction may be formal, casual, humorous, etc. Adapt to your surroundings and don't think your introduction is limited to 'Hello my name is Joy, what's yours?' Which brings me to my next point.

Pay Attention to Nonverbal Cues
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