7 Unexpected Stories behind Famous Logos ...

The logos are instantly recognisable, but do you know the real stories behind famous logos? Some of them might surprise you, as well as telling you lots about the company that you might not realise! These stories behind famous logos are interesting and unexpected, and I cannot wait to hear your thoughts on them!

1. Baskin Robbins

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We all know and adore Baskin Robbins’ ice cream, founded in 1945 in California by Mr Baskin and Ms Robbins. Their slogan has changed many times over the years, but it often mentions their famous 31 flavours: β€œ31 Flavours of Fun,” β€œ31 Flavours at Their Best,” β€œTrust 31” and β€œCelebrate 31,” just to name a few. In the logo, you can also see the number ’31’ in pink in the Baskin Robbins logo, just one of many stories behind famous logos.

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