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7 Types of Friends Every Girl Needs in Her Social Circle ...

By Alison

Every girl needs friends; where would we be without them? But we also need different types of friends to fulfil our varying needs. Some people can make us laugh, while others can always be depended on to be there for us when we're down. They all bring something valuable to our lives. These are the 7 types of friends every girl needs in her social circle …

Table of contents:

  1. The fun night out friend
  2. The friend who cheers you up
  3. The friend you can talk to about anything
  4. Friends that are wise beyond their years
  5. Friends who know the right people
  6. Friends who are unconditionally supportive
  7. Friends who make you feel good

1 The Fun Night out Friend

Sometimes what you need is a really fun night out where you can let loose and have loads of fun. This is where your 'fun night out' friend comes in. This friend knows how to have a good time and make you forget any worries you have. They're always up for a night out, and know all the best places to have fun!

2 The Friend Who Cheers You up

Then there's the friend who just has that magic ability to cheer you up however down you're feeling. I have one of these friends, and she never fails to work her magic. Friends like this are sensitive to your mood and know exactly what to say to cheer you up.

3 The Friend You Can Talk to about Anything

A friend who never judges is absolutely important as well. You can talk to them about any subject and they'll never be offended. Whatever problems you have, they'll listen to you and help you work out what to do. Or they simply offer a non-judgemental ear for you to offload.

4 Friends That Are Wise beyond Their Years

If you have a friend who has the wisdom of someone much older than them, you know who to turn to when you need advice. They've got an answer for every problem, and they're never wrong, but they're also not smug and righteous. They've just blessed with common sense and the intelligence to know what to do.

5 Friends Who Know the Right People

Networking is so important these days, not just for your career but for finding people whose services you need. Friends who know the right people are very useful. They can introduce you to someone who might offer you employment, or who can give you useful business advice. Or they know a reliable plumber, mechanic or workman.

6 Friends Who Are Unconditionally Supportive

Friends who support you no matter what are essential. Everyone hits problems at some point in their lives, and you need people who will always be there for you. True friends won't judge you or make you feel bad. So always treasure your genuine friends and do everything you can to keep those friendships alive and flourishing.

7 Friends Who Make You Feel Good

Finally, we also need friends who make us feel good. They love to give compliments and make other people smile. They're positive people who have a very giving spirit. They give off positive vibes and being around them has the effect of boosting our mood. Spend as much time with these friends as possible!

Friends truly are one of the most important things in our lives, if not the most important. They make life worthwhile and enjoyable. So always support your friends and show them how important they are to you. Remember that it's a two-way street! What does friendship mean to you?

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