7 Types of Friends Every Girl Needs in Her Life ...

By Kelly

7 Types of Friends Every Girl Needs in Her Life ...

While you may have a large or small group of friends, there are certain types of friends every girl needs in her life. They balance you out and teach you new things. They can make you a better person and fulfill every need you could possibly have in a friend. Here are seven types of friends every girl needs in her life, so you can see if you have friends like these!

Table of contents:

  1. the crazy one
  2. the quiet one
  3. the honest one
  4. the unlikely one
  5. the listener
  6. the one you admire
  7. the guy

1 The Crazy One

While each of the types of friends every girl needs bring something new to the table, the crazy friend brings the party. This is the friend who is always up for an adventure and trying new things. She doesn’t believe in sleep when there is so much fun to be had. This is a great friend to have because she will encourage you to try new things and live life to the fullest.

2 The Quiet One

Unlike the crazy friend, the quiet friend is there when you want to slow things down a bit. They are always down to curl up and watch a movie or read a nice book. They won’t judge you when you are too tired to spend a night out on the town, and they will be great company when you do.

3 The Honest One

Have you even been shopping and tried on a dress that you know looked horrible but your friends still told you that you looked amazing? The honest friend won’t do that. She knows that being brutally honest is what is best in the end. When you want some no-holds-barred advice, go to your honest friend. She is not afraid to spell it out for you and tell you how she really feels about the situation.

4 The Unlikely One

Does every girl in your group of friends seem exactly the same? That is why every girl needs an unlikely friend. She is the kind of friend that is the total opposite from you. She has different opinions, different viewpoints, and different interests, and yet you still can remain friends. It is important to have this friend because it will get you used to competing opinions and open your eyes to new ways of looking at things.

5 The Listener

Whenever you just need to sob your eyes out or vent about something, you should turn to your friend who is always there to listen. She is the friend who will just let you cry and vent and be there for you when you are in need. It doesn’t matter if she gives advice back, just having someone there to listen is good enough sometimes.

6 The One You Admire

The friend you admire is the smart, pretty, nice, and basically all around awesome friend. It is the friend that you secretly kind of wish you could be. While this doesn’t sound too great, having this friend in your life will motivate you to be a better person. You will study harder to get better grades, put more effort into your appearances, and be nicer to everyone around you. Having a friend you admire will encourage you to improve all aspects of your life.

7 The Guy

Every girl needs a great guy friend. The guy she can bro out with and watch action movies and not worry if she burps in front of him. And the best part about having a guy friend is that they can help you with relationship advice and give a new manly perspective on things. Having a close guy friend is like having a protective brother who won’t bully you.

Friends come in all shapes and sizes and we should appreciate that. Not every friend is the same and it is important to have a variety of friend types to balance you out. What did you think of these types of friends every girl needs in her life? Do you have any other types of friends that you think are important to have in your life? Do you have all of these types of friends?

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