Twins Separated at Birth Reunite Thanks to Social Media ...


If you've ever questioned what good can come from social media, here's your answer. Twin sisters Samantha Futerman and Anaïs Bordier had been separated at birth, but 25 years later, they found each other. The two were born in South Korea on November 19th, 1987, but were both adopted into different families in different parts of the world. Samantha ended up in New Jersey while Anaïs ended up all the way in France! The two lived their lives without knowing about one another until 2012 - that's when Anaïs discovered a photo of Samantha, who's now an actress living in L.A. Anaïs reached out to her potential twin sister via Facebook message and ta-da! The two got to know each other and learned that they were in fact twins.

The two are working on a documentary, "Twinsters," to share their story with everyone! They're hoping to release it in 2015 and I for one am very excited to see it! You can read about their story on

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I am adopted. this is amazing.

Wow that's amazing! Reminds me of sister sister, love this!

Wow super amazing story- literally made me tear up

Amazing story


Really freekn cool

Ooooooo! Thats sweet , the really is a small place if u ment to see somone no matter how far or impossible it is but its gonna happen

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