8 Trending Party Ideas and Hacks That You Will Love ...

Thanks to the Internet, it almost feels like hosting a celebration is just as much about the thought and planning, as it is about using some of the best trending party ideas. A well put together party will ensure favorite memories, awesome photos and happy guests. If you want your party-goers to feel like they've stepped into a Pinterest board, take advantage of these trending party ideas.

1. Photo Booth

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One of the biggest trending party ideas is a photo booth. They're used everywhere from weddings to New Years, and baby showers to bachelorette bashes. Make your own photo booth with a camera, your phone or a tablet device. Grab an awesome frame from a craft store for guests to hold, and scour through Etsy or your own closet for fun, appropriate props. Then, hang a curtain from a tree or tape white poster board to a wall and you're set! Guests can either utilize their own phones, your camera propped and ready for multi-snap, or your tablet with a photo app installed.

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