8 Tops Apps to Organize Your Life ...


As a self-confessed technophobe whose cell phone is actually 7 years old, I have yet to be seduced by the app culture, but that doesn’t preclude me from seeing how useful apps to organize your life could be. Life just gets more and more complicated over time, so why not get a helping hand from technology? If you’re very busy, lack time or just need more structure, here are some top apps to organize your life.

1. 1Password

Passwords for email accounts, passwords to log on at work, PINs for debit and credit cards, passwords and PINs for online banking, passwords for talking about your energy or cable bill – hell, next we’ll be needing passwords and PINs to enter our own homes instead of keys! Although this app doesn’t come cheap, it’s one of the apps to organize your life that you will soon find you can’t live without. We are constantly being told that we need to use secure passwords which are different for each website we visit – this app allows you to create the most secure passwords possible, and saves them in your phone. You needn’t worry that if your phone is stolen your passwords are also stolen – the app will not work unless you authenticate yourself.

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