8 Top Vegan Blogs of 2013 ...

If you’re a veggie-loving vegan or semi-vegan, then more than likely you’re a reader of the top vegan blogs out in cyberspace. If you’re not familiar with vegan eating, or opposed to it, I can assure you that my list of the top vegan blogs of 2013 may just change your mind. VEGANS EAT GOOD FOOD and they usually love to blog about it. Even if you just want to add more healthy foods to your diet, vegan blogs can be a great way to learn how to do that. Most are very passionate and not opposed to others who aren't vegan. They are simply excited about animal-free food. Here are my picks for the top vegan blogs of 2013 to get you started. These were chosen in growing popularity, Google searches, and include some of my personal favorites. They are listed in random order.

1. Happy Healthy Life

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Kathy Patalsky is an excellent photographer, blogger, and recipe designer that truly sets the precedent for the top vegan blogs of 2013. Kathy is passionate and talented about blogging, food and being vegan. Originally not designed to be a vegan website, her recipes became so popular, it is now exclusively vegan. Kathy has a special brand known as the Lunchbox Bunch, which contains characters in the shape of veggies that help kids learn to eat healthy. Kathy also has her first book out this year, titled 365 Smoothies. She loves smoothies and since they are a common love between vegans and non-vegans, the book is perfect for anyone. Kathy is also an AMAZING cook. Her recipes know no limit outside of being cruelty-free! She is inspiring on all levels.

Source: kblog.lunchboxbunch.com

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