7 Top Home Fragrances That'll Transform Your House ...

There is no question that when you have guests over, the appearance of your home is important, but so is the smell so there is nothing better than adding some home fragrances. As essential as the look of your home is, the smell is just as significant. You shouldn’t neglect the other senses when decorating your home. Smell may be a huge factor in creating a welcoming environment for you to come home to after school or work or when having friends and family over. Believe it or not, scents can greatly affect your mood too, so why not do something as easy as adding some amazing home fragrances to boost your spirits.

1. Henri Bendel- Coconut Flower Signature Candle

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An exotic escape lies ahead in your own home with the scent of the Coconut Flower Candle as one of many offered home fragrances. The notes of juicy mango and fresh papaya mingle and mesh with creamy coconut. The warm musk and the Tahitian vanilla will bring you on the vacation you want and island of your choice just by lighting the candle in the comfort of your own home. The delicious smell will sweep you off of your feet. The scent alone will make the day lazy and sun-filled, while the night is lit up by the moon and stars along the seashore. The Coconut Flower Signature Candle is also available as a travel candle so if you really do have the opportunity to travel, you’ll be able to take the addictive smell with you! The estimated burn time is approximately 60 hours.

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