TodayILearnt Challenge ... and the Winner is ...


TodayILearnt Challenge ... and the Winner is ...
TodayILearnt Challenge ... and the Winner is ...

The winner with 110 likes is @Natalie with her first post ever published here #TodayILearnt the Truth Behind Self-Worth @Natalie

Congratulation! Gorgeous ladies, we are announcing a fun new challenge that's called - #TodayILearnt.

To accept this challenge, submit a post with short interesting piece of info/news/quote/text/trivia you've learnt today.

Please add #TodayILearnt into the headline of your entry. Once it's published, leave a comment on this post, so that we can keep track of your post likes.

The entry with most likes wins the challenge!

The winner will be announced on Monday 9PM.

If you have any questions, please contact me directly at Can't wait to see your amazing bits!

Participants: @Katie - 63 likes @prettyfabulous - 77 likes @Janice - 51 likes @Molli - 53 likes @Mrs - 61 likes @Bolopz - 54 likes @Kayla - 76 likes What love means to me#TodayILearnt @Neha - 84 likes

TODAY I LEARNT @Kenitra - 59 likes #TodayILearnt @Myra - 71 likes TODAYILEARNT @Miesha - 61 likes TODAY I LEARNT WHAT HAPPINESS IS AND WHO CAN GIVE IT TO ME @Nitty - 88 likes TODAY I LEARNT @Vaishna - 50 likes #TodayILearnt the Truth Behind Self-Worth @Natalie - 181 likes Every Romantic Comedy#TodayILearnt @Oliver2014 - 55 likes

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Today I learnt that people let you down but it's up to you to stand strong and believe

TodayILearnt that my struggles serve a purpose They have made me strong to trust God even when things are not going well I really believe that prayer and time alone with God help.

#TodayILearnt that if someone brings u down or underestimates your capabilities, use that for motivation to prove them wrong, just give it time, and watch their respect go towards you! ✌

Today my cousins son was buried today. The saying "We don't inherent the earth, we borrow it from our childten":really hit home.

#TodayILearnt every person that you come across is not necessarily the one to stay in your life forever, sometimes we come across them to learn and create a new chapter in our book of life which might give a beginning to another chapter.

I've posted my bit 'what love means to me'

Someone copied my story and put it as theirs 😠

#todayilearnt what happiness is and who can give it to me. (I posted my article but i cant add a hashtag on my title. Please help)

Congratulations @Natalie !!!!! Great article.

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