7 Memorable Tips 📝 to Help You 🙏🏼 Overcome and Prevent 👊🏼 Being Someone's Doormat 🖕🏼 ...

Do you need some tips on how to stop being a doormat? Feeling that people are always taking advantage of you isn't nice, but it's up to you to stop allowing them to do so. Nobody can treat you like a doormat unless you let them! So try these tips on how to stop being a doormat, and learn to say no …

1. Stick to Your Guns

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The first step on learning how to stop being a doormat is to start being firm. When asked to take on yet another project or give someone a ride that's miles out of your way, your automatic reaction may be to say yes. But inside you're fuming at them - and yourself for being such a pushover. Say you can't oblige, and stick to that position, whatever pressure they put on you.

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