8 Tips on How to Decorate Your Rental Apartment ...


So, you're looking for ways on how to decorate your rental apartment so you can keep your landlord happy and your deposit well within reach. Renting a house or apartment can be a great way of saving some money before diving into the world of home-ownership. However, the downside of renting is that you have to live by your landlord's rules when it comes to decorating your new home. If you plan on getting your deposit back or a good recommendation from your landlord that you may need when you move, you should make sure to follow these 8 tips on how to decorate your rental apartment!

1. Accent Wall

Before deciding to follow this, or any, of these tips on how to decorate your rental apartment, check with your landlord to make sure you are allowed to paint your walls, as long as they are painted back to white before moving out. Most leases allow you to do whatever you please to your new place, as long as it is returned to the way it looked when you moved in. If you really want to paint, try painting accent walls instead on an entire room. An accent wall is just one wall that is painted a bold color to make your room pop! This way, when you do move out, you only have one wall to paint over!

Wallpaper Alternative
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