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Learning How to Deal With a Boss is crucial for your career, success and mental health because, although nobody likes to work in a hostile environment, sacrificing everything you’ve achieved in the company because of one bad boss is definitely not a good solution. You never know - your boss might be sent on his merry way in just a couple of months anyways! So, before you sit down ready to type your resignation, it might be a good idea to read a few tips on how to deal with a boss. You are not the first, nor the last person who has faced this issue and, if that doesn’t make you feel better, than these tested and tried tips on how to deal with a boss might:

1. Be Professional

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Leave your emotions at the door when entering the office because, although having a boss you like to spend time with is the best thing in the business world, having the boss you don’t get along with all too well isn’t the worst thing that can happen! You certainly don’t want to lose your job - not now, when finding a new one isn’t a piece of cake! If you act like a pro and refuse to show any feelings your boss is eagerly waiting to hurt, he’ll eventually lose interest in you and look for an easier pray.

2. Be Proactive

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Okay, so let’s say your team is getting a new superior and nobody is overly happy about it! You can join your team and help them think of the meanest, ugliest boss-related gossip to pass around or advise your people to get it together and start playing by the new rules which is, if you ask me, a way better option. If the new rules and the new boss prove to be effective you’re all winners but if the new boss and new rules aren’t that great you can work together as a team once again but, this time, to make a collective complaint and warn the superiors.

3. Set Boundaries

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How to deal with a boss if the boss turns out to be a workaholic who thinks all other people should follow the same path in life? How to tell him that you’re not married to your work? And, the most important of all, how to do it nicely? First of all, your boss must know you can’t finish every single time-consuming task he had given you in just 24 hours so, if you notice that his list of demands tends to grow longer and longer every single day, be honest about it in a way that won’t make you appear lazy but super busy. When he shows up with a new assignment, express general interest, listen to him carefully and ask how urgent is it and which one of the previous assignments should you put aside in order to focus on the new project.

4. Avoid Drama

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Some people don’t have a problem with handling their boss but handling a situation in which their boss can’t handle somebody else! That person might be their superior, one of the colleagues you happen to be okay with or any other person you come in contact with every day. Now, don’t get scammed into choosing sides because you’re not the one responsible for the situation and, even if you have a favorite, be smart enough to keep your personal feelings and opinions to yourself.

5. Be Positive

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This might easily be the least helpful of all my tips on how to deal with a boss but it could sure help you feel better, even in the situations when your boss is, simply put, a real jackass! Keep cool, do your best to get the job done and, if you notice your boss’ actions are bothering you more than you thought, try to think positive. Think about all the positive aspects of your job, try to think of at least one positive thing to say for each of your coworkers and, ultimately, find at least one undeniably good quality your boss has!

6. Be Real

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You can’t learn how to deal with your boss if you don’t know how to deal with yourself so, before you decide that your boss is the most horrible person on this world, ask yourself this – Am I the best subordinate in the world? You boss might be coming from a more productive company, he might be the strong hand hired to guide your company to success and, although nobody really likes to be bossed around, you’ll have to agree that being overly emotional, overly sensitive or too tolerant aren’t the qualities of a good leader.

7. Find a Mentor

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A mentor, unfortunately, won’t be able to advise you on how to deal with a boss because he is your boss and your boss’ boss, but he can help you advance or get the credits you’ve deserved, in case your boss has a habit of presenting your hard work as his own.

These are all tips and trick real people just like you and I used to cope with their bosses so, the next time you start wondering how to deal with a boss, consider giving these a shot. Do you have any tips on how to deal with a boss?

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