8 Tips on How to Curb Emotional Spending ...


We all go through stressful times where we shop to help us cope; but there comes a time when we need to learn how to curb emotional spending and develop healthier habits to manage tension. Emotional spending is described as buying things when you feel a particular emotion very strongly. If you find yourself spending money in order to help make yourself feel better, check out these 8 tips on how to curb emotional spending!

1. Chat with a Friend

Catching up with a friend and venting frustrations or concerns is a great way to relieve stress and it’s one of the ways to learn how to curb emotional spending. Many times we spend as a way to escape or temporarily make ourselves feel better, but as we all know, those feelings are very temporary. Talking over things with a pal is much more effective way to relieve stress and it can help build a stronger bond with your bud!

Work It out
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