7 Tips on How to Control Your Temper ...

Every person gets angry and annoyed at times, and it’s hard to know how to control your temper. Lucky for you, I am a person who has struggled with this issue in the past, and am willing to share my secrets on how to control your temper! Having a temper can be dangerous to your body and those around you. Learn to suppress your frustration, by following my tips on how to control your temper.

1. Take a Deep Breath and Count to Ten

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I know it sounds elementary, but taking a deep breath and counting to ten is my number one tip on how to control your temper. When something happens, whether bad or good, your body’s first instinct is to react. When faced with a tough situation, your body has a great tendency to react negatively. You can control your temper however, by delaying your reaction so that you can respond to the situation rationally once your anger has subsided. Taking a deep breath and counting to ten will lessen your chances of losing your temper and saying things that you don’t mean.

2. Leave the Room

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If taking a deep breath and counting to ten isn't enough to control your temper, then leave the room. The worst thing you can do when you’re angry is make a scene. If you feel that you may come to the point where you may lose your temper, it is best to leave the situation at hand, as you are not in your clear state of mind. Go to the restroom, or go outside to get some fresh air. It will calm you down, and no one will have to know the real reason for your absence.

3. Drink Something Cold

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When I’m angry, my body temperature tends to rise. I usually drink or eat something cold and refreshing in order to calm both my body and myself down. Find something cold like water with ice, or even better, ice cream!

4. Go for a Run

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When I’m frustrated, I usually want to punch something. The best way to release your anger physically without any damage is to run as fast as you can. Pretend that your enemy or the thing that is making you angry is ten blocks away. Run as if you are trying to capture that person or thing. While running, position your hands in a fist as if you are punching the person or thing you wish to capture. This cardiovascular exercise will have your frustration out in no time. Afterwards, you’ll feel relieved.

5. Listen to Music

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Music is a great way to change your mood! Listening to your favorite songs or something upbeat can help relieve you from the frustrating situation, and calm you down.

6. Do Something Relaxing

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Stop yourself from exploding, and control your temper by doing something relaxing. If writing down your feelings relaxes you, then do it! If whistling calms you down, then do it! Find what makes you relax, and do it before your anger gets to you.

7. Never Blame or Judge Anyone, Including Yourself

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My last tip for how to control your temper is that you should never blame yourself or anyone else. There are so many complicated stories and scenarios that can happen in life, that it’s only fair that you don’t make any accusations. If you don’t judge or blame anyone, you will be able to suppress your anger, talk things out, and solve problems that may not have even been an issue in the first place. Control your temper by giving yourself and other people the benefit of the doubt, and leave your judgments at home.

If you’re a Type A personality like I am, and have a hard time controlling your temper, take my advice. These tips have truly helped, and continue to help me react calmly and cope with potentially ugly situations. Have you ever been in a situation where you feel you’re going to burst? How do you control your temper?

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