7 Tips for Writing Business Emails ...


It’s important to keep in mind some tips for writing business emails, tips that everyone to know. Some key pointers that I’ll show you below will help you prevent yourself from looking unprofessional, rude, or uninformed. Even if it’s your first time dealing with business email correspondence, you can still maintain good email etiquette like a pro with these tips for writing business emails. Enjoy and let me know if you have any to share with me!

1. Be Prompt

One of the most basic, but also most important tips for writing business emails is to be prompt in your reply. If you can’t respond immediately, at least respond within the next two hours. Whatever you do, if you’re “on the clock,” don’t go a day without responding. It’s unprofessional, makes you seem undependable, and a situation that needs to be dealt with will likely be over by the time you respond back.

Read All Emails Carefully
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