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Vegans should be able to party too and these tips for vegans going to Christmas parties will ensure you enjoy yourself as much as everyone else. When your friends and family aren't vegan, you might feel left out. You don't have to be. With a little preparation, you don't have to go hungry or feel awkward. Try these tips for vegans going to Christmas parties and party the night away.

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Bring Your Own Dish or Snack

Odds are, non-vegans don't readily know how to make vegan dishes. Why not help them out, especially if anyone else might be interested in trying a healthier way of eating? One of the best tips for vegans going to Christmas parties is to prepare your very own holiday dish and take it along. Let the hostess know in advance and why you're doing it so she won't be offended.


Eat before You Go

If you're afraid of stepping on toes, eat before you go to the party. There's probably at least something you can snack on and you'll definitely have something to drink. However, if you don't want a grumbling tummy all evening, eat a good meal beforehand. This is especially helpful if you're a new vegan and don't want to be tempted by other foods. If anyone asks why you're not eating much, tell them why.


Talk to the Hostess

A good hostess doesn't mind ensuring her party is fun for everyone. Ask if she could have at least a few vegan friendly options available. You could even offer up ideas to help out. As long as you ask nicely, she won't mind changing up the menu just a little. When you're giving ideas, try to find things you know others would readily eat so the hostess doesn't have a ton of leftovers.


Don't Force Your Opinion

I'm not vegan myself, but I do have vegan friends. A few are more than a little pushy about trying to get others to change their eating habits. If this sounds like you, try to be a little less opinionated during someone else's party. Everyone just wants to have fun. If someone's interested, explain why you went vegan and the benefits. Otherwise, just enjoy the party and try to make everyone healthier another time.


Offer to Co-Host

Believe me when I say most hostesses won't mind some help planning and hosting a Christmas party. As part of your job, offer to prepare part of the food and decorate. You get to help out and ensure the party is vegan friendly. The hostess is grateful and gets to enjoy a much healthier snack table. It's a win-win for everyone involved. Plus, you get part of the glory for an amazing party.


Don't Be Offended

Non-vegans aren't going to drastically change what they use and eat simply because you're vegan. Try not to be offended when you go to Christmas parties and everyone seems to be doing the opposite of what you're doing. Remember, it's a lifestyle choice and everyone isn't going to agree with you. Instead, have fun and stick to your principles and don't feel pressured or offended when others try to get you to change your mind.


Invite Other Vegans

You probably know other vegans. Ask the hostess if anyone else on the invite list is vegan and if not, ask if you can bring along someone. Tell her it'll make you feel more comfortable. We all feel a little better when we have someone who likes the same things we do. Odds are, she won't mind a little extra cheer at her holiday party.

For the most part, vegans don't have anything to worry about when going to Christmas parties. Make sure there's food available to snack on and you'll be fine. Trust me, your friends aren't going to make it hard on you because they respect you and your choices. What have your party experiences as a vegan been like?

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