7 Tips for Talking to Staff about a Problem when All You Want to do is Yell ...


Talking to staff can be difficult when you need a problem fixed but are too emotional to think straight. Sometimes, all you want to do is yell because they seem so stupid. I’ve been in those situations where how you approach the staff tells more about what you will get out of it than the release of letting steam off on them. So these are my tips for talking to staff about a problem.

1. Keep Your Cool

When talking to staff, it’s important to keep your cool. Try to keep in mind that confronting staff with an angry disposition will only make things worse. This past summer I was in Monaco and the hotel we were staying at was definitely the cheapest one we could find. Our room had so many problems that we needed to get a new one from the start. My friend wanted to race down and yell at them for “ruining my hopes for the vacation” but I told her I would fix the problem because I was more composed than she was in that moment.

Don’t Point out Their Faults
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