7 Tips for Planning the Perfect Botox Party ...

Have you and your favorite girls been talking about the women on TV who always look flawless even at the age of forty and fifty? Does it make you think about getting some nips and tucks done or maybe something more safe and small like botox? There are many women out there and even men who get botox done and really enjoy the results, but there are some things you need to know before getting it done and Edward Roberts fromClinic Compareis here today to share some interesting tips on how to have a** botox party**...
Time for Something New...
"So Tupperware is too ‘twinset and pearls’ for you? The Avon lady no longer welcome at your house? Even Ann Summers not getting you and your friends hot under the collar anymore? How about joining the ranks of the ‘ladies who lunch’ and hosting a Botox Party? Fast becoming the new way of spending a girly night with your friends, these parties are setting the trend among the cosmetic generation.

Advertised as a great way of making cosmetic procedures more accessible to those who may be too nervous or embarrassed to brave the doctor’s surgery, they are springing up in all areas of the country with London leading the way. The treatment can be done in the relaxation of your own home, providing a comfortable, intimate environment for you and your friends."
What do I need to know...
"Always do your research before embarking on your party. It is vital that you realise the full implications involved in what you are doing. Although Botox is a non-invasive treatment it is still a medical procedure and should not be undertaken lightly.

The following 7 ‘must know’ tips will help you on your way to planning a fun and safe party for you and your friends."

1. Botox is Classed as a **prescription Only **medication and so May Only Be Administered by a Fully **qualified Cosmetic Surgeon **or a G.P

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The Patient’s Advisory Service (P.A.S.) can recommend consultants or surgeons who are on the Special Register of Plastic Surgeons and may be happy to provide the treatment for you in your home.

Alternatively you will find that many Cosmetic Surgeries already have facilities set up for Botox Parties and will be happy to consult with you on what your requirements are and what they will provide for you.

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