5 Tried-and-True 🙌 Tips for Dealing 🙏 with Test ✏️ Anxiety 😰 ...


Every student needs some tips for dealing with test anxiety. Have you ever seen a classmate breeze through that tough AP exam without breaking a sweat? Maybe they have superhuman powers or maybe they are just following some tried-and-true testing tips. Testing anxiety can bring even the best student to their knees with the crippling fear of failure. There are ways to alleviate test taking anxiety and you should try them the next time you have a big exam looming. Your GPA will thank you. Here are some tips for dealing with test anxiety.

1. Preparations

While it is best to be as prepared as possible, it is best to prepare in a way that is productive and structured. Allowing for small, frequent study times is best when a large test looms in the all-to-near future. Concentrate on areas that your instructor has emphasized throughout the course. If you have a problem keeping to a study schedule find one of many study apps for your phone or tablet that will nudge you to keep with it. Procrastination can be overcome with willpower and that's one of the best tips for dealing with test anxiety.

Give Yourself Time
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