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12 Tips for Better Sleep That Work like a Dream ...

By Vrinda

These tips for better sleep are for all the girls who want to sleep like a baby tonight. We all need to sleep for at least 6-8 hours every night to wake up fresh the next day. It’s important we get that amount of sleep so that we can function properly and be productive during the day. Not to mention, sleep is important for beautiful glowy skin. Here are a couple of ways to fall asleep faster.

1 Take a Hot Bath

One of the best tips for better sleep is to grab a relaxing shower/bath an hour before bed. This will help you sleep, for sure. Getting in bed, all nice and clean, is quite satisfying as well.

2 Apply Some Aromatic Oils

After your shower, apply some relaxing aromatic oils, which will moisturize your body and promote sleep. Try oils like lavender and rosemary.

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3 Put Your Phone Away

Turn off all electronic devices an hour before your bedtime so that you can unwind and relax.

4 Sip Some Bed Time Tea

Relax with a bedtime cup of tea. There are so many brands of bedtime teas out there. My personal favorite is Bedtime by Yogi. Look for sleep promoting herbs in your teas like chamomile, lavender, tulsi, etc.

5 Dark and Quiet Room

Wear a sleep mask to shut out all the light and help you fall asleep faster and wear ear plugs to block out all unnecessary noise.

6 Set Your Room to a Perfect Temp

Set your room’s temperature to 15C-19C/60F-68F. This is the optimal room temperature, according to studies, for a sound sleep.

7 Clean Your Room?

Some people cannot sleep without cleaning their living space. Clean your room so you don’t have to think about cleaning it in the morning. Plus, it feels amazing to wake up to a clean and tidy home.

8 Listen to the Sound of Rain

Some calming sounds can help you fall asleep. I like listening to the sound of rain and lightning, it calms me down and helps me fall asleep faster. Some popular sound/music suggestions are – ocean waves, classical music, meditation music. Get a white noise machine and you'll be sleeping like a baby in no time at all.

9 Light Reading before Bed

For all those readers out there, indulge in some light reading before bed. Reading can really help you calm down and sleep better.

10 Invest in Comfy PJs

Invest in a soft and comfortable night suit that doesn’t irritate your skin. Also, invest in a comfy and cozy bed spread, mattress and duvet.

11 Bed Time Yoga

A little yoga before bed can help you to calm your mind. But avoid any vigorous exercises as that can do the opposite and increase your energy!

12 Watch/Read Something Inspiring before Bed

Fill your mind with positive and inspiring thoughts for a new and fresh start the next day. Here’s something to give you a head start – “Difficult Roads often lead to Beautiful Destinations.”

I use these tips almost every day. Let me know if you found them useful.

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