7 Tips for a Good First Day at Work ...


Starting a new job is always scary, so you may be in need of some tips for a good first day at work. It seems like, no matter how many times you do it, or how old/young you are, it doesn't get any less scary walking into a big, new office on your first day. I know, I've only just had one. So if you're feeling nervous, here are some tips for a good first day at work.

1. Smile and Introduce Yourself!

This may seem like an obvious one for the tips for a good first day at work, but it's one that you can easily forget if you're nervous and just hoping to blend in. Also, not everyone is always going to come up and introduce themselves to you. In fact, they may even ignore you at first because they’re busy working. Walk in, look happy and smile. When you meet someone new, tell them it's your first day and introduce yourself.

Tea, Anyone?
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