10 Times You Don't Need to Apologize ...

Stats show that girls give up plenty of apologies- and over half of them are unnecessary, because there are lots of times you don't need to apologize! Imagine that, you are apologizing for things that you shouldn't even feel a smidgen bad about! Not every less-than-perfect situation warrants an "I'm sorry" from your beautiful lips. So why are you giving one? There are certain times you shouldn't feel bad, not even for the other person's situation. It's not your fault if they make less money than you or don't feel the same way you do about something! So how do you know when you should own up or lay low? Keep reading this article and I will tell you 10 times you don't need to apologize!

1. When You Have Harmless Indulgences

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Photo Credit: Robert S. Donovan

Eating raw cookie dough, taking a bubble bath daily, watching every episode of Glee.....hey, we all have those little harmless indulgences! Without them, life would be such a drag! Show me one person who doesn't enjoy a few little things out of life, and I'll show you a boring snob that has no friends. And we know that person isn't YOU, right? So don't apologize for being interesting!

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