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7 Times when Sending a Card is Still Better than E-Mail ...

By Chelsie

Sending a card to someone for a special occasion has almost become obsolete. It is becoming very common to receive e-cards in your inbox. I have received many birthday cards and thank you notes via e-mail, and I am sure you have too. While there is nothing inherently wrong with e-cards, there are occasions when sending a card in the mail is a better way to go because of the thought and care that it demonstrates.

1 Birthdays

When it comes to birthdays, sending a card in the mail is much more thoughtful than sending an e-mail expressing your birthday wishes. As I mentioned, I have received many birthday messages in my inbox, and, while I appreciate the thought, it just doesn’t feel the same as receiving a card in the mail. Receiving a card in the mail makes you feel just a little bit more special on your birthday. So, next time a friend or family member is having a birthday, send them a card in the mail if you can’t make it to their party. They will appreciate the gesture.

2 Thank You Notes

When you want to express gratitude to someone for something special they did, it is always nice to send a thank you note. Receiving a thank you note in the mail lets people know that you really appreciate what they did for you. An e-mail can suffice for saying thank you, but it just doesn’t seem as special.

3 Sympathy

When someone you know has lost a loved one, it is always nice to send a sympathy card. Having had the experience of receiving sympathy e-mails, I can tell you they are not the same as getting a card. Receiving a card gives you something tangible you can hold onto, which is helpful when you are grieving.

4 Post Interview

While sending a card to your interviewer expressing your gratitude and interest in the job may not be the first thing on your mind after an interview, it is a really good idea. It shows you are courteous and conscientious, and it may give you an edge over the competition. In a job market that is highly competitive, it is important to stand out. Sending a post interview card that thanks the interviewer for taking time to interview you and reiterates you interest in the job, just might be the thing that edges you out over other candidates for the job.

5 Congratulations

There are various times in people’s lives when congratulations are due. Graduations, baby showers, new jobs, and weddings are all examples of events that deserve congratulations. When something exciting happens to someone, it is nice to share in their joy by sending a card congratulating them.

6 Anniversaries

When a couple you care about is having an anniversary, it is always nice to send them a card wishing them a happy anniversary. It shows you care about them and know how much they mean to each other. It is an especially good idea to get your grandparents, parents, and aunts and uncles anniversary cards.

7 Valentine’s Day

Speaking of couples, Valentine’s Day is another occasion when you should really send a card instead of an e-mail. If you can’t be with your loved one on Valentine’s Day, you should definitely send a card as it will let them know you are thinking of them. You can even send Valentine’s cards to family members and friends. I always send my grandparents a card on Valentine’s Day.

Sending cards to people takes a little more planning than sending an e-mail. However, it is well worth the extra effort because it shows people how much you care. Do send cards for special occasions?

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