7 Times when Sending a Card is Still Better than E-Mail ...


Sending a card to someone for a special occasion has almost become obsolete. It is becoming very common to receive e-cards in your inbox. I have received many birthday cards and thank you notes via e-mail, and I am sure you have too. While there is nothing inherently wrong with e-cards, there are occasions when sending a card in the mail is a better way to go because of the thought and care that it demonstrates.

1. Birthdays

When it comes to birthdays, sending a card in the mail is much more thoughtful than sending an e-mail expressing your birthday wishes. As I mentioned, I have received many birthday messages in my inbox, and, while I appreciate the thought, it just doesn’t feel the same as receiving a card in the mail. Receiving a card in the mail makes you feel just a little bit more special on your birthday. So, next time a friend or family member is having a birthday, send them a card in the mail if you can’t make it to their party. They will appreciate the gesture.

Thank You Notes
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