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Awesome Weight Loss Challenge - Your Best Advice Needed

By Olga

Darling Stalkers, hope you are enjoying your new year and you are ready for the new fun Awesome Weight Loss Tip Challenge!
To accept - give us your best tip on how to lose weight fast on your AllWomenStalk page at

Please, use hashtag #awesomeweightlosstip in your headline. Your advice should be no longer than 1 paragraph (approximately 50 words). Feel free to share what worked for you or your friends!

And don't forget to drop a comment here to let us know about your entry! All your tips will be added to a social post "Awesome Ways to Lose Weight Fast" with credit to all the participants, and of course posts with most likes will be on top of the list.

And here comes the sweetest part - the top comment wins an interview with AllWomenStalk and you'll be featured on AllWomenStalk homepage! So, get ready to get noticed!

The challenge is running for 3 days - check back for the updates in the comments. Winner will be announced on Monday night.

For more info contact me directly at or in direct messages on Instagram at @olga_kaushan. Good luck!


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