The Winner of HalloweenShortStory is ...


And the winner is ...
Chloe Kirkland
with the post
FOUR MEN #Halloweenshortstory

Congratulations !!!

Hello ladies!
This week contest is β€˜#HalloweenShortStory’

Please write a short spooky story using these 7 words: dark, night, girl, blood, forest, boyfriend, scream.

Please include hashtag #HalloweenShortStory in you posts title and comment here so we can track your likes.

Post with most of the likes on October 30, 2015, 12:00 is the winner.

Please Comment this post to verify your participation.

Good luck! 😘

@Emma - 13 likes
@Nicole - 34 likes
@Nicole - 29 likes
@Eleasha - 9 likes
@Hello - 29 likes
@chloe - 37 likes
@hristina - 9 likes
@Debonair - 11 likes
@Carminha - 0 likes

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How do we submit it?

When will the winner be announced ?

The Woods are lovely, dark and deep ❀️

I'm in. 😍😍


wow! I did not expect that! this was my first time doing a contest for short stories, so thank you all!!

I am in!

I'm in

#Halloweenshortstory " Four Men "

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