How to Make the Most out of Time after Work for Girls Feeling out of Control ...


How to Make the Most out of Time after Work for Girls Feeling out of Control ...
How to Make the Most out of Time after Work for Girls Feeling out of Control ...

When you get home from work it's so easy to kick off your shoes, make dinner and then park your butt on the couch for the evening. It's hard to think about much else if you've worked hard all day but your time after work is special. You can achieve quite a lot before bedtime if you put your mind to it. You'll sleep better and wake up the next morning raring to go.

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Exercise One of the best ways to make the most of your time after work is to try to get some good exercise done. You might be tired after a long day, but even going for a brisk walk will get your heart rate up and fill your body with endorphins that will give you a real boost for the rest of the evening and make you feel positive about tomorrow’s work day.



Read Curl up in your favorite armchair and dive in to a great book. Not only does reading help you to relax and unwind from work in the evening, but it also is a much more intelligent form of relaxation compared to watching TV. It feeds your mind and makes it work in a relaxed kind of way.



Socialize Force yourself to get out of the house and socialize with friends, even if it is just a quick drink at a bar or going out to see a movie. Spending time with people you love helps you to forget the stresses of work for the evening and puts your mind in a better state to start all over again tomorrow morning.



Journal Many people think that a great way to make the most of your free time after work is to spend just five minute writing down your thoughts and feelings in a journal. Having a document of your months, years, etc. means that you can look back on them and know that no day was wasted because you will always have a memory relating to each one.


Avoid Time Wasters

Avoid Time Wasters Don’t make plans with people who you know are going to waste your time. The hours after work are precious free time for you, so you shouldn’t be allotting those hours to people that you are not going to be having fun with or that you don’t look forward to seeing. Be more economical with your spare time.


Tidy up

Tidy up A clean living space equates to a clean mind, so spend a little bit of time every day cleaning up after yourself and not letting your house or apartment get too untidy over the course of the week. The more you rectify small cleaning situations, the less likely it is going to be that you have to do a big clean at the weekend.


Bath Therapy

Bath Therapy Let you body unwind by running a luxurious hot bubble bath and letting your body soak in the tub for as long as you want. Throw in a couple of candles and a good book (not in the tub literally!) and you have an evening that any woman would be jealous of!


Be Creative

Be Creative Release your mind from the adult monotony of your daily job and allow your creative side to come out. It could be in the form of some cool adult coloring books, or even a spot of music if you know how to play an instrument. Just something that exercises a different part of your brain.


Switch off

Switch off And finally, if you are completely drained from work and just need to check out completely, then there is no shame in laying on the couch and catching up with some of your favorite shows. We all need some downtime at one point or another!

Relaxing doesn't necessarily mean being idle. you can still be relaxing even when doing something if it is different to what you have been doing all day. Like they say ... a change is as good as a rest.

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I am not a big social person myself but I'm working on it. I have some friends the only problem is they're a lot younger than I am. A lot of times I wish I had a sister or at least one close friend.

What else would u do beside stuff in the list :p

For me, hanging with my sisters for a gab fest over good food and wine or coffee is good time spent.

@Joowly you are so lucky you get to hang and get along with your sisters. That I wish I've had, especially when one does not have close friends, which is hard to find..

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