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This is Cutest Thing about You According to Your Star Sign ...

By Heather

Whether you are simply sexy 👠 or you have a smirk that is to die 💀 for, there are tons of things that are cute 💟 about each and every sign. Are you dying to know what yours is? Take 🎬 a look 💇 below girls, I've got you covered, no 🙅 matter when your birthday 🎁 is!

1 Aries ♈ = Childlike Wonder

music, album cover, love, magic., You are a sign 🔜 that is all about wonder, curiousness and all about enthusiasm. You are infectious in the best possible way. Everything about you is so magical!

2 Gemini ♊ = You Can Make Anyone Laugh

hairstyle, screenshot, YOU, MAKE, LAUGH, This is so true! You can make just about anyone laugh 😃 and your laugh! It's adorable. One 1️⃣ of the other super adorable 💟 things about you is that you make sure to express your love 💝 to others and you make them feel like 👍 you're their number 💯 one 1️⃣ fan.

3 Taurus ♉ = Random Acts of Kindness

cartoon, toy, You are charming Taurus! You show people 🚻 that you love 💝 them with all kinds of gifts and random acts of kindness. It is amazing what you can do once you show your real colors.

4 Cancer 🚬 = Killer Smile

facial expression, face, person, photography, girl, Not only a killer smile, but you are so loyal that you'll never leave anyone's side. Not everyone can turn 🎲 loyalty into something adorable 💟 but you've managed it quite well.

5 Leo ♌ = You're Super Appealing

facial expression, human action, hair, person, beauty, Not only are you super adorable, but everything you do is cute. You are super outgoing, funny 😂 and oh-so-supportive. These are the cutest things about you!

6 Virgo ♍ = Amazing Sense of Style

fashion, supermodel, hairstyle, dress, model, You've coined the phrase 'on fleek' because you always are. Not only do you flaunt it all but you are cute 🐰 in the best way possible. You always dress 👗 to impress, no 👎 matter what.

7 Libra ♎ = Confidence

person, hairstyle, hot, smart, woman, Your confidence is something that so many people 🚻 crave and they find attractive. You believe in yourself and your charm? You've got buckets of it!

8 Scorpio = Your Smirk

person, mouth, muscle, sense, You have a smirk that is absolutely amazing, a smirk that will slay everything. You also advocate for anyone that has been wronged that you love. Your support Scorpio has absolutely no 👎 limits at all.

9 Aquarius ♒ = Clever!

mouth, screenshot, You are so effing clever all of you Aquarius', you are also so open-minded, it is refreshing. All of you have cute 💟 as hell booties too.

10 Sagittarius ♐ = Optimistic Viewpoint

hair, human hair color, person, red, photography, It's refreshing to meet someone that is positive, that views the world 🌐 from a place of joy, from a place of hope. You do that and that is what is the cutest about you.

11 Capricorn ♑ = Sexy

hair, face, nose, hairstyle, black hair, While your cuteness 💠 is a little sexier, you have a determination that is amazing. You also have incredible eyebrows. No, really, you do.

12 Finally, Pisces ♓ = Openness

lady, beauty, performing arts, performance art, dance, You have a lot of artistic abilities and it is not surprising that you are open 🈳 to everything and anything. You seem to attract people 👥 who are into feet 👣 because yours are above 🆙 par too.

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