This is Cutest Thing about You According to Your Star Sign ...


This is Cutest Thing about You According to Your Star Sign ...
This is Cutest Thing about You According to Your Star Sign ...

Whether you are simply sexy 👠 or you have a smirk that is to die 💀 for, there are tons of things that are cute 💟 about each and every sign. Are you dying to know what yours is? Take 🎬 a look 💇 below girls, I've got you covered, no 🙅 matter when your birthday 🎁 is!

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Aries ♈ = Childlike Wonder

music, album cover, love, magic., You are a sign 🔜 that is all about wonder, curiousness and all about enthusiasm. You are infectious in the best possible way. Everything about you is so magical!


Gemini ♊ = You Can Make Anyone Laugh

hairstyle, screenshot, YOU, MAKE, LAUGH, This is so true! You can make just about anyone laugh 😃 and your laugh! It's adorable. One 1️⃣ of the other super adorable 💟 things about you is that you make sure to express your love 💝 to others and you make them feel like 👍 you're their number 💯 one 1️⃣ fan.


Taurus ♉ = Random Acts of Kindness

cartoon, toy, You are charming Taurus! You show people 🚻 that you love 💝 them with all kinds of gifts and random acts of kindness. It is amazing what you can do once you show your real colors.


Cancer 🚬 = Killer Smile

facial expression, face, person, photography, girl, Not only a killer smile, but you are so loyal that you'll never leave anyone's side. Not everyone can turn 🎲 loyalty into something adorable 💟 but you've managed it quite well.


Leo ♌ = You're Super Appealing

facial expression, human action, hair, person, beauty, Not only are you super adorable, but everything you do is cute. You are super outgoing, funny 😂 and oh-so-supportive. These are the cutest things about you!

Famous Quotes

If you have a harem of 40 women, you never get to know any of them very well.

Warren Buffett

Virgo ♍ = Amazing Sense of Style

fashion, supermodel, hairstyle, dress, model, You've coined the phrase 'on fleek' because you always are. Not only do you flaunt it all but you are cute 🐰 in the best way possible. You always dress 👗 to impress, no 👎 matter what.


Libra ♎ = Confidence

person, hairstyle, hot, smart, woman, Your confidence is something that so many people 🚻 crave and they find attractive. You believe in yourself and your charm? You've got buckets of it!


Scorpio = Your Smirk

person, mouth, muscle, sense, You have a smirk that is absolutely amazing, a smirk that will slay everything. You also advocate for anyone that has been wronged that you love. Your support Scorpio has absolutely no 👎 limits at all.


Aquarius ♒ = Clever!

mouth, screenshot, You are so effing clever all of you Aquarius', you are also so open-minded, it is refreshing. All of you have cute 💟 as hell booties too.


Sagittarius ♐ = Optimistic Viewpoint

hair, human hair color, person, red, photography, It's refreshing to meet someone that is positive, that views the world 🌐 from a place of joy, from a place of hope. You do that and that is what is the cutest about you.


Capricorn ♑ = Sexy

hair, face, nose, hairstyle, black hair, While your cuteness 💠 is a little sexier, you have a determination that is amazing. You also have incredible eyebrows. No, really, you do.


Finally, Pisces ♓ = Openness

lady, beauty, performing arts, performance art, dance, You have a lot of artistic abilities and it is not surprising that you are open 🈳 to everything and anything. You seem to attract people 👥 who are into feet 👣 because yours are above 🆙 par too.

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Im libra

I got a good bootie🙌🏽💯

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I am a Virgo. ♍ 😊

And my eyebrows are bomb 💁🏽💕

I'm Aquarius 😊❤️

I'm a Capricorn

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