7 Things Your Cell Phone Case Says about You ...

If youโ€™re anything like me then you have different cell phone cases/covers for different occasions and outfits, and most likely these are signs that tell you certain things your cell phone case says about you! Whether you like your case to be bold and colorful or nude and subdued, they tell people a little bit about you, and how the things your cell phone case says about you reflects your personality!

1. Plain & Sturdy

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Your goal when purchasing a highly functional case was to protect your phone right? Who needs all the fancy designs, bells & whistles if itโ€™s not going to help keep your phone in tip-top shape, right? Thatโ€™s probably what you were thinking when you got this case, you sensible woman you! It's definitely one of the great things your cell phone case says about you, and tells people that you like things to done properly, and that this case can be used at any time, anywhere because the design is plain (possibly all one color) and reliable. I mean, whatโ€™s better than reliability, right?

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