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5 Things You Should Never Say to Your Single Friends ...

By Ashley

There are some things you should never say to your single friends. Are you friends with someone who’s single? If the answer is yes, you might want to continue reading this. Mistakes can be made when talking to your single friend, so think of this as a rule of thumb. Here are 5 things you should never say to your single friends.

1 You'll Find Mr. Right

One of the worst things you should never say to your single friends is, "don’t worry you’ll find Mr. Right, your time will come soon." It’s ok to reassure your friend that she is a great catch, but you’re making it seem like finding someone will take forever. I’m sure she’s already feeling like it won’t happen, so just by you saying this, you'll make things worse.

2 When Are You Going to Settle down?

Maybe she’s not ready to settle down. Did you ever think that she’s going on multiple dates to see if someone special catches her eye? Not everyone is in a rush to date or get hitched. She probably wants to keep her options open.

3 Aren’t You Tired of Being by Yourself?

Word of advice, don’t ever ask your friend this question. What if she is looking and just hasn’t had any luck. Maybe she is tired of being single, but just haven’t met that special someone. I mean, do you think she wants to be alone on Valentine’s Day?

4 How Does It Feel Being the Only Single Friend Left?

Seriously? This is probably the worst thing you could say, especially if she just got out of a relationship. Please don’t even think to ask this. It could open up some painful feelings she might have.

5 You’re Probably Not Doing Anything This Weekend, do You Mind House Sitting for Me?

Don’t automatically assume that your friend isn’t having fun, just because she isn’t dating or married yet. Don’t get me wrong if you’re genuinely asking her to house sit that’s ok, but don’t tell her it’s because she is single. Most importantly, just because she’s alone, doesn’t mean she’s at home with a container of ice cream on the couch every weekend.

I’m pretty sure you’ve said at least one or all of these things to her. Please understand that there’s always a better way to approach this topic. Be mindful of how or what you say to her, it might be a sensitive or touchy subject. Is there anything you’ve said that wasn’t on the list?

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