7 Things You Probably Didn't Know about Cancerian Women ...

By Paula

There’s no doubt about it, Cancerian women are a complicated bunch. We can be moody, emotional and downright crabby some of the time, but we can also be one of the most sensitive and caring signs of the zodiac, with strong maternal instincts. Being in a relationship or friendship with Cancerian women can sometimes be tricky, but by knowing a bit more about what makes us tick, you can make life a lot easier!

1 We Don’t Forget Easily

Unlike some other zodiac signs, Cancerian women can’t brush off insults or harsh words uttered during an argument easily. Our feelings are deeply hurt by the slightest insult, and we’ll either be upset with you until you apologize or just angry and moody. We remember the mean things you said for months and sometimes years on end, so choose your words wisely when arguing with a Cancerian woman!

2 We like Hugs

Cancerians are one of the most affectionate signs of the zodiac, and we love displays of affection, from hugs and kisses to gentle strokes and hand holding. If you want to show your Cancerian woman how much she means to you, stroke her shoulder or brush your fingers against hers the next time you’re together. Little touches mean a lot to us!

3 We’re Extremely Sensitive

Many Cancerians (both men and women) are extremely sensitive, and you’ll often find Cancerian women oohing and ahhing over cute animal videos online, looking at pictures of their friends' babies on Facebook and watching soppy romantic comedies. Of course, not all Cancerian women are like this, but most of us are extremely sensitive, romantic creatures (it’s because we’re water signs)!

4 We’re One of the Moodiest Star Signs

Remember that Cancer is not only a water sign, it’s also the sign of the crab, and one thing us Cancerian women can be is a bit crabby from time to time! If we’re in a really bad mood, we don’t usually like to be left alone – so try to cheer us up by spending time with us or buying us a small gift. We’ll really appreciate it and our crabby mood is soon forgotten. Cancerians feel things deeply and spend a lot of time worrying about things in general, so we sometimes need a bit of help to ensure we don’t become too introverted and moody.

5 We Make Great Friends

Cancerian women love their friends, and won’t usually dump them the second a hot man comes along! We’re excellent listeners, mostly because we’re really interested in other people’s lives and in what you have to say, and we will always be a shoulder to cry on when you need one. We’re also incredibly non-judgmental, so you can tell us your secrets without fear of shocking or upsetting us!

6 We’re Romantics at Heart

Whilst many of us put on a tough front, we’re true romantics at heart, and romantic comedies leave us weak at the knees. With this in mind, the way to impress a Cancerian woman is to make an effort – but we don’t need expensive gestures in order to feel loved! We’re really appreciative of little gestures such as a small gift to show you’re thinking of us or a surprise visit bearing a bottle of wine and some of our favorite films on DVD. We’re easily pleased, love romance and love to make our significant others smile.

7 We’ll do Anything for Those We Love

Sometimes, this can be a bad thing. Cancerian women tend to be sweet, kind and obliging (although it depends what other planets you have going on in your chart), and we’ll do anything for the people we love. Buying gifts and seeing the smile on someone’s face is one of our favorite things to do, and we often bend over backwards to please the important people in our lives. It’s important not to take advantage of the Cancerian in your life – they need to feel loved too!

Whilst all these traits won’t apply to every single Cancerian woman on the planet, you’ll find a lot of Cancers have some or all of these qualities. Water signs are emotive, expressive people who often have careers in creative industries. Do these character traits apply to any Cancerians you know?

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