5 Things Women Can Learn 🤓 from Men 👱 ...

Sometimes, we speak and behave according to the gender norm stereotypes that we were ingrained in our childhood. However, there are some things women can learn from men. Young girls and boys are usually encouraged to act upon their gender roles. Because of this, I have to admit that I’ve learned some valuable lessons from men. Don't be skeptical! You can learn from the other species too. The following are 5 important things women can learn from men, each of which have helped define me as a woman.

1. Dependability

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Being responsible is crucial. Responsibility is the core of success and productivity. Men are sometimes goofballs, but most of them are pretty dependable, especially when it comes to their job. If you want to get ahead, adopt this trait right away. Dependability is one of the best things women can learn from men.

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