7 Things to do with Gifts You Hate ...

The holidays are over, and still sitting there, under your tree, are a few bags or boxes with gifts you hate. You don't want them, but you don't want to throw them away either... what's a girl to do? I can help! Here are 7 things to do with gifts you hate...

1. Re-gift!

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Maybe that bright green sweater isn't your color, but it looks great on your Aunt Mary, so why not re-gift it to her? You don't have to save it for her birthday or for next Christmas, either. Feel free to be honest and give it to her the next time you see her.

2. White Elephant

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That ugly owl knick-knack your grandmother gave you this year is so hideous, so weird, and so urine yellow, it'll make waves at next season's office-wide white elephant gift exchange. Why not? It's really the only way to compete against that guy in Accounting who always brings a live lobster.

3. Donate

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Most thrift stores will gladly accept any gift that's just to hideous or ridiculous for you to bear. There are a few things not even they will take, though, so always call to make sure before you attempt to donate. Yow.

4. Return Them

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Okay, so Aunt Marry looks great in bright kelly green, but no-one you know looks good in puce. If the tag is still on that sweater, feel free to return it. Take the store credit. If you think you can find anything you might like at a store that sells anything puce.

5. Exchange Them

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Some stores won't accept returns without receipts (especially if they tried really hard to get rid of that puce sweater), but most will at least accept an exchange. Maybe that lilac sweater, or those grey suede boots?

6. Sell Them

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Everything, everything (well, MOST everything) can be sold on eBay or craigslist. Take a few good photos of those bad gifts, post them on eBay or craigslist, and maybe if you're lucky, someone will start a bidding war on both the ugly owl knick-knack and the puce sweater...

7. Keep Them!

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My mother is a firm believer in the saying β€œit's the thought that counts,” and if you share her sentiment, and have any room left in you closet for another hideous puce sweater, feel free to keep it, even if it's not your style. Who knows? It may some in handy someday... like, maybe next year's Ugly Sweater Party...

So now you can take down the tree and finally get rid of the gifts you hate! What's the worst gift you've ever gotten, and what did you do with it? Did you use one of my ideas? Do tell!

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