Important Things to Consider before Getting a Pet ...


Important Things to Consider before Getting a Pet ...
Important Things to Consider before Getting a Pet ...

There is a right of passage in every humans life, be it the day one steps into their first apartment, the first glance of the sold sign outside of a freshly bought house, the big begging eyes of a child, or even a now long lived life looking for a companion in slower years. The instance that sets it off is different for everyone, yet the conclusion is the same “I want a pet.” There are some things to consider before getting a pet.

The eternal love and devotion is something that has always gripped the heart of man, and why wouldn't it? A warm furry body to cuddle up to on cold days, a scaled beauty to slowly fall in love with, or a feathered heathen to sing and mock you around the house. There is a pet for everyone so now the question is, “how do I know it is time?”

Getting a pet is not a spur of the moment decision that can be made in an instant. There is planing and questions that need to be made and asked and even then most people are caught off guard the first morning they see the loving face of the being that is now dependent on them. Here are five things to consider before getting a pet.

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One of the most important things to consider before getting a pet is how much space you have. Though people have tried to fit a mastiff in a studio apartment, this is not the best idea. Take a look at your home. Is it a small space that is perfect for one person or is it large enough to share? Now look again. Can you see a pet bed, food dishes, toys galore? Does it all fit? Even when getting a small animal, the amount of space they take up is massive. Nothing is sacred any longer, kibble will find its way into couches, toys into shoes and a strong excited tail can easily take out wobbling items.



Though it may seem that the costs of a pet are a one time thing, that is not the case. Food, toys, cleaning supplies, and the unexpected vet bill can and will surprise you. This does not mean that getting a pet is not an option, but you might have to rethink your budget a little bit.


Emergency Plan

Another this it consider is having an emergency plan that can be put into action. Though not something that will happen everyday, being able to look at an emergency situation and know the animals will be in the car, the supplies to take care of them are easy enough to move, and that the whole stressful moment can be taken care of in a matter of half an hour is something that needs a lot of thought.


What Kind of Pet?

Now here comes the fun part. What kind of animal will suit you? As stated before, there is an animal for everyone. Depending on your lifestyle, different species will be better or worse. An adventurous person who leads a fast life might want to look for a larger, more energetic dog who can keep up. A slower paced introvert would more than likely prefer the comfort of something more independent like a cat or ferret. A unique person might look for something more exotic, like reptiles, rodents, or flamboyant birds.


Do You Have Enough Love?

Are you ready to fall in love? The warmth that a pet can bring into a life is magic and at times can even save a life. The purr of a cat can lower heart rate and decrease pain and the smiling face of a dog can pull someone out of depression. Animals love without condition and will give their all. They will dedicate themselves to a person and their hearts will never waver. All they ask for in return is to be loved back.

Pets are a part of growing up. They are a statement that you are able to handle the responsibility of adulting. They are also a choice that will stick for years. If you gives an animal your heart, you will get it back one hundred times over. So are you ready for the next step?

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