7 Things to Avoid Posting on Facebook during the Holidays That You Will Regret Later ...


What to Not Post on Facebook can save you a lot of trouble. Knowing what you shouldn't post during the holidays is especially helpful. Knowing what to not post on Facebook may seem like it all comes down to common sense, but there are a lot of surprising things you shouldn't post as well. This happy holiday season, save yourself some time, trouble, and potential drama by learning about what to not post on Facebook.

1. No over-Sharing

My first tip on what to not share on Facebook during the holidays involves over-sharing. Don't over-share about anything. People can get touchy this time of year, and it can just cause problems. If you talk about how long it took you to get to your parents' house, your in-laws might get snippy. If you talk about having some great time at a holiday party, โ€œthoseโ€ friends โ€“ you know the ones โ€“ might start moaning about how they don't have anything to do. I'm not advocating total self-censorship, though. Remember, filters are your friends.

Don't Brag
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