7 Things to Avoid Doing at a Standing Concert ...

By Holly

7 Things to Avoid Doing at a Standing Concert ...

While your main focus when going out to listen to music should be having fun, you should keep in mind some of the many things to avoid doing at a standing concert. With so many people around you, it can be easy to get annoyed. There are things you can’t escape from, like getting bumped into and squished. But to make your night better, here are some things to avoid doing at a standing concert.

1 Be Obnoxious with Posters

There’s nothing wrong with creating posters to declare your love for an artist, but remember that there’s a sea of people around you who love them as much as you do. Don’t hold your poster up for too long and block their view. It’s rude and could cause altercations. One of the most important things to avoid doing at a standing concert is acting inconsiderate. You have a common love for music, so treat those around you with respect.

2 Bring Large Bags

You’re going to get hit into, pushed up against, and possibly knocked over. Having a large bag with you will be an inconvenience. You don’t want a pocketbook to dig into your body, making you uncomfortable. And you don’t want it to get in anyone else’s way. Sometimes it’s impossible to leave all of your items at home, but try to bring as little as possible. It’ll make life easier.

3 Forget Money

Things are going to be expensive. Chances are security will search your bags for drinks and will charge you too much for a water bottle once you get inside. If you really love the band you’re seeing, you’ll also want merchandise. There will be shirts, bracelets, and posters calling out to you. So don’t forget your wallet.

4 Expect Personal Space

Concerts are a place where normal rules don’t apply. It’s not unusual to be pressed up against others who are jumping around and sweating. If you get annoyed every time someone brushes up against you without apologizing, then you’re not going to have a great time. At concerts, personal space doesn’t exist. Keep in mind the fact that you’re going to be in close proximity to others.

5 Wear Inappropriate Shoes

Don’t wear flip-flops, sandals, or any opened toed shoes. You don’t want to get stepped on and spend the concert searching for bandages. Avoid heels as well. You might break them and you have a higher chance of taking a fall. Stick to something basic like sneakers so you’re comfortable throughout the night.

6 Bring Expensive Items

Leave the costly jewelry at home. You don’t want anything to end up breaking or a pickpocket to steal from you. You also wouldn’t want to lose anything and waste your time searching for it in a large crowd of people. If someone else gets to it first, they may decide to keep it for themselves. It’s safest to keep your expensive items at home.

7 Insult Other Bands Playing

If you don’t like the opening band, keep your opinion to yourself. Those around you may be huge fans. Would you like hearing someone complain about your favorite band as you’re trying to enjoy watching them on stage? You don’t want to ruin anyone’s experience. Once you leave the arena, you can complain to your friends about them all you want, but keep your lips sealed inside.

Next time you go to a concert, make sure to keep my rules in mind. Are there any concerts you’re looking forward to going to? Any additional tips that I missed?

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And bring an extra shirt to change into after the concert. There is no better feeling then taking off a gross sweaty cold shirt an putting on a clean warm shirt.

Agreed with #6. This apply specially to support bands IMO.

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