7 Things Only People with Unusual Names Understand ...


Only people with unusual names understand that having an atypical name is both a blessing and a curse. While it is nice having a name that is completely unique and uncommon, this luxury comes at a price. For example people get very taken aback when they hear your name and it takes them quite sometime before they actually get used to pronouncing it. So if you are part of the ‘people with unusual names club’, you can probably relate to the following scenarios.

1. You Raise Your Hand when There is a Pause in Roll Call

This problem is most common while you are in school. Here you are sitting in class on the first week of school and while your teacher is trying to learn everyone’s name, you hear a pause. You automatically raise your hand because it is more than likely that she has stumbled on your name and was perplexed by its nature. You are probably used to this by now and therefore have developed this natural reflex of raising your hand when there is a stop in roll call. However believe me you are not alone, all of the people with unusual names can relate!

People Make Their Own Version of Your Name
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