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7 Things on Our Bodies That We over Exaggerate ...

By Artti

It’s common for us, as women, to exaggerate things on our bodies. I’m not entirely sure why but most women, including myself, try to enhance certain features on our bodies to fit the idea of “beautiful.” Although we should all look at our appearances in a more flattering manner, we tend to be very hard on ourselves. Here’s a list of things on our bodies you and I have tried to exaggerate.

1 Breasts

One of the things on our bodies that we always seem to exaggerate are our breasts. Breasts come in all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately for many of us, only the big, round variety of breasts have made the cut. Therefore, most of us are left feeling a little “deflated,” if you will. As a result, we turn to plastic surgery to enhance our bosom or we use less drastic measures, such as push up bras or extra fitted tops.

2 Butt

As of recent years, bigger butts have become a popular trend. In fact, a famous poet by the name of Sir Mix-A-Lot said that he did in fact “like big butts and [he] cannot lie.” Thus, exercises such as squats, donkey kicks and lunges have made their way into our workout routine in hopes of a bigger derriere.

3 EyeLashes

Over exaggerating eyelashes definitely applies to me! Personally, I find longer eyelashes make the eyes look more feminine, alert and alluring. Many women must agree with me because women go to great lengths for longer eyelashes. Options for luscious lashes include, but are not limited to, applying false eyelashes, getting lash inserts and using formulas along the lash line promising thicker and longer eyelashes.

4 Hair

I admit, I’ve been looking into adding more volume to my hair. Most women go for products like volume enhancing shampoo or hairspray to give their hair a little more oompf. Others style their hair in a particular way using their flat iron, curling iron or blow dryer to add body. On the other hand, many women use extensions or weaves to make their hair look fuller and/or longer.

5 Lips

There are many lip enhancing products available on the market today. For example, lip plumping lip glosses and lip balms are cheaper options if you’re looking for pouty lips. However, collagen injections are usually most effective when it comes to plumping lips – unfortunately, injections are costly and if they are overdone the lips can look unnatural. A trick to fuller lips is using bold lipstick colours like plums, reds and corals.

6 EyeBrows

I’ll admit, I do think full, well shaped eyebrows frame the eyes well. In addition, I think fuller eyebrows make the face look more youthful. If you agree but have sparse eyebrows then you have nothing to fear! Eyebrow pencils, powders and brushes are made specifically to enhance and shape your eyebrows!

7 Waist

A tiny waist is considered to be the epitome of being a real woman. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to achieve and maintain a tiny waist. Luckily for us there are products available such as Spanx which help to give the illusion of a smaller waist. Furthermore, wearing clothes that have colour block along the sides of your body will also make the waist look smaller.

In North America we like to think that we celebrate looking naturally beautiful. However, the idea of “natural beauty” means crazy long eyelashes and a killer pout. Instead, let’s try to celebrate each other’s beauty by accepting each other in all our natural glory. What are some other things we change about our bodies to try to fit society’s idea of “beauty”?

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