3. A Smartphone

I’m sure most of you have this item covered, as we operate in a smartphone-obsessed culture, but I’ve noted it here for good measure. A smartphone is essential in today’s times. It is worth the ridiculous amount I drop each month on my payment.

My iPhone has helped me when I was lost on my way to a job interview, helped me navigate NYC all by myself and never having been before, helped me reach out to potential employees, blog readers, and my family while on the go through email, Facebook, or Twitter. Oh, and let’s not forget the phone part! A smartphone also has many apps that can help you. From music to workout to, to helping you find coupons, getting the best price on gas nearby, or finding out about a new job, there are tons of great reasons to invest in a smartphone in your 30s, if by some crazy chance you don’t already have one.

A Great Pair of Jeans
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