These Types of Instagram Posts Always Give Us FOMO ...

By Lyndsie

These Types of Instagram Posts Always Give Us FOMO ...

FOMO – fear of missing out – really kind of sucks. It hits all of us at one time or another, even if we don't want to admit it. You experience it on social media all the time because you're seeing the best versions of everyone's lives. You're probably giving someone FOMO, too, if you share anything on social media because you, too, are sharing the best version of your life. It's natural – so it's totally okay if these Instagram posts always give you FOMO, too.

1 Off on a Travel Adventure


Guaranteed to give you a huge dose of the travel bug, not to mention a dash of wanderlust for good measure. No matter where you are, you suddenly want to be somewhere else.

2 Moving into College Dorms


You could be long past college or not there yet, but this will make you long for dorm days. You envision all the camaraderie and the ideal campus experience and you just want it for yourself.

3 That Party You Didn't Go to

That Party You Didn't Go to Oh, this will always do it. You don't even have to like the people there, you still wish you'd gone.

4 The Ice Cream Date You Missed out on


Why didn't you say yes? Why?!

5 That Club You Decided to Not Go to


It doesn't matter that you don't dance and hate crowds. It looks like so much fun!

6 The Road Trip You Didn't Take


You vaguely remember complaining about peeing on the side of the road and a busted air conditioner, but now you can't remember why.

7 The Sports Game You Missed


You should have gone. You don't even like the game, really, but still. STILL.

8 Every Concert You Ever Missed


Maybe you didn't get tickets, maybe you bought tickets and skipped it because bleh. Who knows? You now regret it with all your heart.

9 Country-fest for Sure


I asked Heather which Instagram photos were currently giving her FOMO. This is the answer I got.

10 A Pep Rally at Your Old School


You hated high school, but it doesn't even matter. You physically feel the team spirit.

11 That Camping Trip


You don't like camping, you're not a fan of the outdoors, and you loathe the thought of peeing anywhere other than a fully functioning indoor toilet, but still ... FOMO!

12 That One Music Fest You Didn't Want to Stay up for


Or maybe you didn't want to pay that much money. Or spend that much time outside. Or use a Port-a-potty. Or stand up that long. In retrospect, you're so bummed you didn't go!

13 That Dinner Date You Were Invited to


Do you even remember why you said no? Because even if the date was a dud, you get FOMO over the food.

14 Cooking a Dinner with Your Friends


Just a note, this is one of those things you should always say yes to. Everyone should spend more quality time with their close friends!

15 Family Time when You Live Far Away


This doesn't just give you FOMO, it makes you straight up homesick!

16 Holidays when You Aren't Home

Ditto. It's so hard to be away from your loved ones over the holidays.

17 Prom or Any Other Dance


Even ten years after you've graduated, prom or Homecoming season will make you remember what it was like. You'll get hardcore nostalgia.

What gives you FOMO, or do you never suffer from it?

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