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We probably don't think much about it but short walks, say a 10-minute stroll after dinner, are good ways to burn those extra calories and help keep our bodies healthy. If your lifestyle has made you too lazy to hit the gym or you're too tired to wake up in the morning to run, consider walking as your introduction to the world of exercising. Here are seven reasons that will push you to take more 10-minute walks:

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Time for Yourself

We all do wake up in the morning, take our shower, get dressed, and you know... do the usual morning routine with ourselves. But most of them are done in a hurry, am I right (feel free to shout, "You're wrong!")? One day is made up of 1,440 minutes so we may think that a 10-minute walk is 'nothing' when it is really 'something.' A short walk gives you time for yourself. Sometimes all we need is that 10-minute break in the middle of the day when work and domestic pressures are getting on our nerves.


Surprises Await

Walking creates an unexpected opportunity for its 'practitioners' to be pleasantly surprised. A morning walk may let you meet that cute neighbor you never saw before; a midday stroll gives you the chance to bump into an old friend; or you might just find a five-dollar bill during your after-dinner walk. You won't know what surprise awaits you unless you get off that chair and start moving.


Culinary Discovery

So this one goes out to those who live in city blocks where there are food carts, grocery stores, and restos every street corner. I'm thinking New York, but this can actually apply to any busy bee working in city centers. On your way to your lunch break, try walking for 10 more minutes and look around for other food choices aside from the usual hotdog bun you've been eating the last three months. Your taste buds need some excitement too!


Neighborhood Scan

Don't you just sleep better at night having at least a general background of the people living in your area? Walking gives you that opportunity to do a quick neighborhood scan and take note of who lives on Block A and Block C. Call it snooping or investigating, as you may. It will take several days of 'snooping' to have at least a working list so that gives you another reason to get those sweatpants ready for another stroll.


Blood Sugar Management

This one is specifically written for the young diabetics out there. Living a sedentary life is one of the worst enemies of any person who's been struggling to manage her blood glucose levels. Walking helps. Move around, take a walk, invite your partner for a stroll. It will become a habit soon enough.


Outdoor Exposure

We beg you to get out of the office or your house and just explore the great outdoors. You need the heat of the sun to put a pink glow on your tired cheeks; you need a change of scenery to give you another perspective to that mind-boggling decision; and best of all, you simply need to just get out and be human and mingle with other earthlings.


Family Bonding

Put on those walking shoes and take the entire family out on an after-dinner stroll. Say "hello" to your neighbor Steve, grab some books for late night reading at the Little Free Library down the corner, or check your mailbox (in case you haven't). It's a great way to continue your dinner discussion while your arms are swaying and your feet are moving. Who knows, you may discover the secret to living forever while holding hands with the love of your life!

Who among you takes short walks here? Why did you do it in the first place?

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@Cris evert Ruffolo oh yes and I am pleased to hear that walking has helped you with your diabetes kept up the good work. And yes I laugh my head off when I am briskly walking to work and people are scrambling for transport esp when there is transport strike hehehhe

And be sure to take your dog!

I walk everywhere esp to work,I would recommend!

Use a pedometer to,"keep score," & try to beat your own personal best.

APPARENTLY - if one takes a 10 minute walk before breakfast, one burns a couple of extra calories off than if the walk is taken after breakfast. Every little helps!

I love to take Walks to see the colors of the sunrise and ear the nature going on!

I love going out for a walk , always makes me feel relaxed❤️

You forgot to mention Pokémon Go!

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