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I don’t know about you, but where I live, it's so freakin' hot right now that I think I'm starting to understand what a roasted chicken feels like. But let's forget about personal comfort (or lack thereof) for a while and take a closer look at temperature, this fundamental measurement in physics, and find out some cool facts about it!

1. The Planck Temperature

Have you ever wondered how hot things can get? Well, many scientists surely have. And the short answer is that nobody really knows for sure. The hottest temperature believed to have ever existed in the universe is called the Planck temperature, and they say it occurred a fraction of a second (10^-43 seconds, to be more precise) after the Big Bang. It's about 10^32 Kelvin, which means 255 nonillion degrees F! To put that into perspective, it's billion billion times hotter than the temperature of quasars and gamma ray bursts. For even more perspective, know that the Sun is only around 10,000 degrees F at its surface.

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