The Truth about Living in New York City ...

By Holly

The Truth about Living in New York City ...

Remember Sex And The City? Of course you do. It was an amazing show, which is why Refinery 29 created an article on all of the things the show got right about life in New York City.

1 Nothing Will Shock You

Crazy things happen on the daily in NYC, so no one actually gets phased by anything.

2 It's Hard to Maintain Friendships

The big city has a lot of activities for you to do, so it's easy to forget about your friends.

3 Unobtainable Beauty Standards Will Get to You

You're never going to look like the women you see plastered on every single billboard and storefront.

4 Everyone Goes out to Brunch

There's no better way to catch up with your gal pals.

5 House Guests Overstay Their Welcome

People love NYC so much that they want to stick around for far too long.

6 The City Isn't as Big as You Think

You're definitely going to run into your ex at some point.

7 People Eventually Leave

When it's time to settle down and have kids, most people leave the city to live in the suburbs.
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