The Sin 😈 You're Most Likely πŸ’― to Commit Based on Your Zodiac Sign β™ŠοΈβ™οΈβ™‹οΈβ™οΈ ...

We all commit sins, all of the time. There are said to be 7 deadly sins, but there are lots of lesser sins too. No matter what sign you are, there is definitely a sin that will match up with your sign. Here is the sin you are most likely to commit based on your zodiac sign.

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Aries has a temper Aries and that could make for some dangerous and even murderous acts. Your temper is also uneven and hot, it's unpredictable, just like you.


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You always want to live life to the fullest and live life excessively across the board, so of course, gluttony is your sin. Don't try to be excessive and you might be better off!


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Geminis tell a lot of lies. You also spread a lot of false truths. That is the reason why dishonesty is your sin and you know it’s true when you think about it, right?


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Worshipping false idols

This is one of the oldest sins in the book. You put others on a pedestal all of the time and while that is hard not to do, you've got to stop praising them all like they are gods.

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You have a lot of self-love, a lot of arrogance, and you sometimes lack humility. You need a lot of attention too, which makes you unhealthily prideful.

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A Virgo is all about resentment and jealousy. You always want to be number one and you tend to make sure that your friends and your partner know that. That's why your sin is envy!

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Narcissism is an ugly thing and that is usually what Libras are all about. Looks and appearances are important, but they shouldn't matter the most, and that is why vanity is your sin.


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You are a highly attractive sign. People love to love you and lust actually comes naturally for you. You also thrive on desire and intimacy, so that means that it could be easy for you to fall into lust.


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You don't like commitment and you love everything that has to do with sex. That could mean that it might be easier for you to cheat. I'm not saying you will, but … you could.


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Capricorns covet everything. You want more money, more success, more love, more everything. Keep in mind, that sense is going to leave you hollow on the inside.


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False Prophecy

You always think that you are the smartest and that you are right all of the time, that is why the false prophet is your sin. Maybe you should stop thinking you are right all the time!


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As a Pisces, you are known to be lazy and a day-dreamer, so what else would be your sin be other than sloth?

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