The Silliest Misheard Song Lyrics of 2015 ...


Have you ever belted out the words to a song, only to be told that you're singing the lyrics completely wrong? Sure, it's embarrassing, but it happens to the best of us.

That's why BuzzFeed created this video about the weirdest misheard song lyrics from all of 2015. It includes songs like Hotline Bling by Drake, Good For You by Selena Gomez, Sorry by Justin Bieber, and Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae).

It's time to see if you've been singing these lyrics wrong, too! Check out the video right here:

What song lyrics have you sung incorrectly in the past?

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And cliff Richard Devil Woman song, when he sings " with evil on her mind " I used to think as a kid it said " with evil ornament eyes " !!!

In Barcelona by Freddie Mercury & Monseratt Cabille near the beginning of the song it sounds like " smells like eggy-yarna " !!!

And near the end of Barcelona it sounds like Monseratt Cabille sings " think of England " !!!

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