Unlock the Secret πŸ”“ to Making Friends πŸ‘« without 🚫 Excessive Effort ...

I’ve realized recently that I’m not a very friendly person, which is why people don’t exactly gravitate toward me seeking my friendship. But everyone wants friends, even unfriendly people like me! Luckily, I’ve learned how to make friends without really trying! No need to change yourself or force on a friendly personality, just follow these tips and you’ll have more friends than you can count in no time!

1. Listen

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The key to making friends is being a good listener. It sounds easy, right? After all, that’s what your teachers have told you since kindergarten. But there’s a difference between listening and listening . The first type is really more like hearing; information goes in one ear and your opinion falls right out of your mouth. The second type requires taking in the information, soaking it up, then responding with a sympathetic, thoughtful reply. Try it and see how much people love to talk to you!

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