The Qualities That Make You Less Attractive According to Science ...

By Neecey

The Qualities  That Make You Less  Attractive According to Science ...

If you don’t have many friends, alienate your colleagues and can’t seem to hold on to romantic relationships, you probably exbibit too many or too much of certain qualities that science says makes us unattractive. Attraction is much more than looks, so even if you are good looking, stylish, intelligent … you could be sending out unlikeable signals.

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1 No Sense of Humor

person, official, profession, don't, have, A sense of humor is the thing that a person often displays as the first personality trait to a new prospective friend or partner, so if you don’t have one, then you are already failing at the first hurdle!

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2 Dishonesty

person, male, hairstyle, interaction, More, Gaining a person’s trust is one of the most intimate signs of a relationship, so if you take advantage of this trust and are not honest and open in return, it becomes a very unattractive quality.

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3 Stress

facial expression, person, beauty, hairstyle, emotion, Stress is an inevitable consequence of modern life, but it is in how you deal with it that can you make an unattractive person: those who turn it outwards and become angry and mean towards others in particular. Stress in itself isn’t unattractive, but you blaming others unnecessarily is.

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4 Meanness

facial expression, person, smile, beauty, singing, This one is a no brainer! Follow the mantra of treating people how wish to be treated and you won’t have to worry about being unattractive because you are mean. It’s always good to check in with yourself now and then to assess your attitude towards others.

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5 Laziness

color, NOPE., Laziness can be a very unattractive quality, especially in the eyes of somebody who is very active or motivated. This doesn’t even have to be a physical laziness, but also a general disinterest in doing things that others want to, or a ‘not bothered-ness’ about life in general.

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6 Sleep Deprivation

hair, person, woman, beauty, hairstyle, Sleep deprivation can be very serious for the sufferer, but it doesn’t stop the fact that recent scientific studies have gone to prove that people are turned off by those who look like they haven’t had sufficient rest.

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7 Contractive Body Language

, Studies have shown that those who display contractive body language are seen as less attractive than those who look more ‘open’. Things like keeping your arms crossed, being hunched over, turning your back etc. are all qualities deemed unattractive.

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8 Having a Too Familiar Scent!

hair, human hair color, face, person, eyebrow, This one is purely scientific and comes from way back in the day, probably before we were even human! Apparently, you are turned off by somebody who has too similar of a scent to you because it awakens an old animal instinct not to mate with somebody who might be related to you! That’s a nifty little safeguard our bodies have!

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9 Looking Too Proud

face, nose, sense, Somebody who carries that general air of smugness and being overly proud of themselves can very easily come across as arrogant and unapproachable. It evokes a sense of superiority over everybody else that is really unattractive and unlikeable. Sure, be confident in your abilities, but don’t let that be at the expense of others!

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10 Looking Too Happy!

person, It sounds bizarre but apparently, a recent study found that men and women who look ‘too happy’ when they are on their own come across as creepy rather than approachable! It might seem like we can’t win, but admit it, you’ve steered clear of that guy on the train who looked like he was smiling too hard to himself!

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